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    I have tried iSync on several occasions to sync my Treo 600 to iCal and Address Book and it never seems to work just right. Syncing to iCal seems OK with the Calendar and ToDos data but of course no Memos and I can live with that. But my real problem is with Address Book. I cannot seem to maintain my Contacts categories with Address Book and this is a must. I would like the categories on my Treo to be synced to the equivalent Address Book groups but changes don't seem to propagate properly. The second problem is that when I try the .Mac iSync all of my Treo contacts from all categories get loaded into one group in .Mac so I have this huge list which includes the 99th congress,etc. Am I missing something here??

    Also I have tried MissingSync Ver 4 and haven't seen too many reasons to switch from HotSync Mgr, especially if I have to stay with Palm Desktop instead of Address Book and iCal because of the category/group problems?? What am I missing here?

    Thanks for any help,

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    I haven't played with the Palm iSync conduit too much, but I think I noted the same behavior you describe. I don't know about .Mac since I don't have an account.

    As for Missing Sync, one thing it has an application and conduit for Memos to complement iCal and AddressBook. I guess that's no help for you since catagories->groups is more important for you. Aside from the usual syncing chores, Missing Sync's backup conduit does a complete backup of your Palm unlike HotSync. Same thing those 3rd party backup solutions give you. You can use MissingSync to mount an SD card in your Treo on the desktop (only viable if you don't want to shell out for a USB card reader, since the Missing Sync way crawls by comparison).

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