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    Just bought my Treo 600 yesterday and was up til 2:00 am trying to hotsync it.

    Before Treo 600 I had a Sony Clie with a lot of software on it. During the installation process the instructions were to Hotsync the Treo 600 unit using my old username so I could uplod those programs on my Treo. I did this and I got an error message telling me there was an .exe file missing and that I needed to reinstall Hotsync. So I uninstalled my software and reinstalled again. Then when I Hotsynced it told me that "a program on my PC is not responding to the hotsync". It syncs, but it doesn't sync. It is like a 2 second process.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled 5 times and I am frustrated. This phone should be awesome, but I can not access half of the functionality if I can not Hotsync. I have tried to remove all the Clie functions from before but who knows. I can just reinstall the applications to the Treo by hand IF I can get it to Hotsync. Any suggestions? Why would a "program" not be responding?

    Any help at all would be appreciated.

    Humbly yours,

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    I also had some trouble getting sync'ed for the first time. I was switching from a Kyocera 6135 and had been using the Palm Desktop s/w that came w/ my wife's Tungsten E.

    Eventually, I succeeded w/ the following procedure:
    1) Export Tungsten Desktop data and user-installed application on 6135 to a back up directory on PC.
    2) Remove Tungsten Desktop s/w.
    3) Install Desktop s/w that came w/ Treo 600.
    4) Hotsync.
    5) Import old data into new Desktop s/w.
    6) Hotsync.
    7) Attempt to install old apps. (On some, I got a message that they weren't compatible w/ Palm OS5.)
    8) Hotsync.

    Seems to be working fine now.
    Ted -- Austin, TX
    Union YES!

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