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    Is downloading a current bestseller worth the $. I love to read and this sounds like a great plus. But can anyone tell me if it's practical to read a novel on your Treo? The cost to download a current bestseller is slightly less than buying the book but is it enjoyable to read it? If so what is the best software to downloaded it with?
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    I have read a few books using eReader Pro, having purchased them at

    Because my T3 has a bigger screen, I tend to read them on that. I guess I would do the same on my Treo if I didn't own the T3.
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    I've read a ton of books (ok, maybe 20) using TiBR -- these were pretty much all free books - classics I had never read or text I had found on the Internet and converted to the proper format. Several good authors release their current books for free as ebooks, as well. Some very high quality material is becoming available this way, and I hope the momentum keeps building.

    The commercial side of the ebook world is, in my opinion, much less compelling. I've used palmreader to read some DRM protected titles, some of which I've bought. I've been less-than-thrilled about the quality of the commercially available books. That's a matter of taste, not technology, though. If I saw a current best seller that I wanted to read available as an e-book, I'd buy it immediately -- the problem is that I generally don't. I may not be paying enough attention, but it seems like we're still not to the point where it's a matter of course to do an e-book release for a new book. Beyond that, you've got the problem of the dueling e-book formats and DRM schemes (this has been blamed primarily for the lack of widespread adoption). It's very irritating to contend with that, but surmountable, generally.

    As for the general experience of reading an e-book on the treo600, I'm hooked. I can barely bring myself to pick up a paper book these days. Always having the material (and lots of it) with me is key, and having my place automatically saved for each book I'm reading is a big plus. So, I'm actually in the position of being spoiled by the convenience of e-books on the treo, and therefore narrowing my choices to the very good free stuff that's increasingly available and the somewhat tolerable commercial stuff that's currently available.
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    I travel a lot on business and really like the option of not having to lug a novel around - ebooks works just fine (and is often on discount, I think I paid around $12 for the pro version).

    There are an increasing number of books available - I'm getting so that I actually prefer the treo for reading (once you get used to the screen it is not so bad).
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    I haven't read any on my treo, but listening using Audible has been pretty enjoyable...
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    I love ebooks. Dozens of titles, no extra weight. I would never buy a print version of a book if an electronic version is available.
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    Where can I find the thread to ebooks. I have tried mobipocket but I am having trouble downloading items.
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    I too was dubious about reading an e-book. But to my surprise I actually quite like it, even on the Treo's small screen. Very handy for reading in bed when you don't want to disturb your partner. I've read several, fairly large sci-fi e-books with no problems.

    I use the free ereader to view books (I didn't think it was worth paying for the pro version IMHO). A useful feature of the ereader web site is that it notifies you of any new titles your favourite author releases automatically.
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    They're well worth it. I love having a library of books nice and snug in my SD card in my treo in my pocket. Reading text on paper just seems so low-tech now, like interpreting paintings on a cave wall.

    (ok, that's a little overboard, but hey, I really like ebooks)

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    worth every penny! I've read literally 100's of books on a palm device over the past few years. I just can't read 'paper' books anymore. Incidently, I find that has a broad selection of books and it's still growing.
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