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    Treo 600 purchased at Verizon store last week comes with old Palm Desktop operating software which won't sync my calendar or address book with my Mac. (applications will sync tho with no problem) VERY long story short, tech support from Verizon says they'll send me disk with new software which they do, and it's for Windows. I call again and they say Treo 600 doesn't support Macintosh. Is this true???

    I'm a long time Palm and Macintosh and now a Windows user at work...I was able to sync my i705 with both platforms.

    Verizon customer service stinks and Palm wants to blame it on Verizon.

    If it weren't for this forum I'd have little hope and lots of frustration!!!
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    I hate to be such a pessimist but PalmSource has completely turned their back on the Mac platform. It seems so wrong because they really wouldn't be what they are today without Apple in the first place. What is really proving to be a thorn in my side is the fact that they cater to the Windows platform increasingly more with every passing month.

    And then to turn around and pass these licensing and developing fees on to the Mac users that purchase their products but have no use for Windows based solutions and nothing included for the Mac. We are subsidizing the Microsoft Windows platform. This is as it has been though for the last 10 years. It is getting worse now however, so it bugs me more.

    This "more" is more than enough to prompt me to look elsewhere for a different smartphone. Unfortunate since the Treo is such a good device otherwise. I just can't justify purchasing the phone and then inturn having to purchase all the software to get it to actually do something. I spent $399 on my Treo 600 and have spent more money on software than I did the phone. It sickens me in realizing that $960-$1000 has gone to this damn phone. That is not right. I'm not even talking about monthly data plan and cellular service.

    This also doesn't include the $70-$260 for GroupCal just to get Exchange Server integration—which should be provided with the freaking phone in the first place.

    I think Mac users should get a $50 discount because Palm is not giving us squat when it comes to software and in somecases, even third-party stuff provides no equivalent solution to the Windows platform.

    Sorry, I could go on but it is time for bed now. I am getting myself into a bad mood so I probably need some sleep.
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    Go and download the newest version of the Palm software from Palm:

    or if you want some more features go and check out this:

    I have been using the Treo 600 and it works like a champ on the Mac. I use quite a few different Macs and it works with every single one of them. I am using OS X 10.3.5

    I would not even bother dealing with any of the CD's that Verizon gave you. I have yet to put mine into the Mac from the package I got from them.

    Enjoy and good luck.
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    I feel archie's pain BUT I also think if I want to use a solution that works but may need additional enhancements I am willing to put out the $$. I also think most of the solution that Palm makes available for PC users is still not as good as other solutions that I would be purchasing as an add on anyways. But yes, Palm is making a mistake by moving development away from the mac platform especially since in the last 3 years Apple has made a huge turn for the better especially with OS X!

    Well I know if I want to use either Palm or PPC, I have options available through third party software and depending on what hardware/software I like and/or invested on I would stay with that platform. I have spent a large amount of $$ on feature enhancements on the Palm & Treo and I can go over the whole list if I ever had time and also I think the Palm based applications have a lot more to offer especially for ease of use and stability especially when compared to the PPC.

    So either I sit back and complain or do something about it and use the technology available (if it works for you) and support the third parties available out there that are willing to continue to support the Mac Platform.
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    After having just read that Best Buy will be selling the phone for $650 I think Mac users should get a $150 dollar discount.

    Think about it:

    Exchange Out-Of-The-Box - included free for Windows users. Mac users; $70-$260.

    Capable syncing software integrated with computer - free for Windows users. Mac users pay $40 for OS X integration and syncing.

    These are the basics. The list goes on.
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    Archie, I am very curious on this matter:

    Exchange Out-Of-The-Box - included free for Windows users. Mac users; $70-$260

    What solutions are you looking at and what are you trying to accomplish.

    The sync software for the mac is still available from Palm for free and that is version 4.2.1 which basically has the same features as what is available for the PC users.

    Yes there are other solutions like Expense that is not available for the Mac but depending on the type of software you are using on the Mac you would usually buy a different solution anyways. Even if you were on the PC as an example, if I used Quicken I would not want to use the Expense app that the Palm comes with (it stinks) I would buy Pocket Quicken...
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    Snerdware makes GrouCal which gives a Mac user Exchange Server support without abandoning iSync, iCal and Address Book. It isn’t an out-the-box solution but rather works with your Treo rather than exclusively for your Treo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by archie

    Snerdware makes GrouCal which gives a Mac user Exchange Server support without abandoning iSync, iCal and Address Book. It isn’t an out-the-box solution but rather works with your Treo rather than exclusively for your Treo.
    I am very familiar with this product, we have been beta testing it and 2.0 has been released. We are actually helping a few of our clients in implementing the solution into their infrastructure.

    But I can't see how this tool is something that Palm should have included. It is not even included by Microsoft within Entourage 2004! If you need Exchange connectivity with the Apple iApps then this is the ONLY solution available to allow for a full featured Exchange/ Outlook experience on your Mac desktop. But if you are looking for Email connectivity/Live Sync to your exchange server for your palm then Chatter is probably one of the best solutions available for the Palm and that actually even works better than Wireless Sync that Verizon includes for the PC users on the Treo 600! I know that the new Palm has built in Sync capability on the new Treo 650 on the new email program that they include but from what I have heard, it may not be as good as Chatter still (this is something I cannot comment since I have not seen the solution yet).

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