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    Hi all,

    I've had my Treo 600 for 6 months and never had any major problems. Two days ago it suddenly started soft resetting about 30 seconds after I answered incoming calls. I haven't loaded any new software in weeks so I don't think it can be that.

    I used #*377 and got the following System Error Log

    "A reset was caused on 22/10/04 at 8:57 while running "Phone":
    HALRadioOmap.c,Line:300, Host wake not asserted in time"

    Can anyone tell me what the problem is and more importantly how to fix it?

    My Phone App is "Phone v 1.0", I am using Firmware "3.05" and Software "Treo600-1.12-ROW"

    All assistance greatly appreciated.


    Ko Samet beach & a Treo650 - the perfectly connected stress free office
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    Hey guy's,

    40 views and not a single suggestion. Is my problem that rare? Am i in deep deep trouble?

    Ko Samet beach & a Treo650 - the perfectly connected stress free office
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    I got the (same) Treo 2 months ago, so I'm hardly the expert, but I'd suggest you try the generic approach to diagnosing it: Make a complete backup, do a hard reset and then see if the problem's still there. If it is, I guess you could be sure it's a hardware problem.

    If the problem goes away after a hard reset, then do the install/uninstall approach to see which program is the cause of the problem.

    I had a different problem once, where I couldn't figure why the "find" function was resetting every time I made a search, so I downloaded Crash Pro from and then made a search. It told me immediately where the problem was. I guess if you additionally installed "FindHack" too, you could use it to search ALL applications see if there are any corrupt databases that make the Treo reset while searching.

    I'm not really sure if any of these techniques will work, but it should give you some tip where to start from.
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    you should also consider calling PalmOne tech support! you paid a lot of money for that Treo, and tech support is part of the package. it they can't fix it over the phone they'll replace it.
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