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    I haven't bought an SD card yet so I need to know how I can get a few MP3's on the Treo.
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    You have to have an SD card. Just copy them to the "audio" folder on your card when you get it. Hope that helps.
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    Can I do it without an SD card?
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    yah but it's pointless. u barely have any memory on the treo so at most u can fit 4 songs of good quality. get an sd card. don't be cheap u can watch movies with an sd card.
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    When I have a few bucks I'm getting a 1 gig SD card. I think they are about $70 at NewEgg
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    Help I have a 128 mg SIM card. How do I get the MP#'s. I want to try right away...Thanks
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    I had good luck using ptunes & windows media player 10 to transfer music files - it was really fast. Make sure you have ptunes turned on while the Treo is in the cradle, otherwise WMP won't see the Treo as a device.
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    i'm a little confused, and being a bit of a newb, could use some clarification.

    the treo 650 software installation disk includes a link to 'windows media player/direct x', the description for which reads

    Windows Media Player 9 Series gives users fast and flexible playback with the best audio and video quality for Windows and the Web. With Windows Media Player 9 Series, users experience the highest quality audio and stunning video quality at any connection speed. Install Windows Media Player 9 on your computer to view videos optimized for your palmOne device.

    Note: DirectX 9.0b is required on your computer to view videos in Palm Desktop. It will be installed with Windows Media Player 9 Series.

    okay. what i'm confused about is this - does this actually install anything on the Palm? i'm currently running WMP 10, and can't see much point in going *back* a rev (frankly not sure why they put WMP 9 on the CD for that matter, since 10's been out for a while now). i don't have an MP3 player at the moment - not sure which one gives the best bang for the buck. not even sure if the included RealPlayer might be the best choice since it's 'free'.

    anyway, i currently have a Napster subscription, and would love to be able to download stuff to the treo. but again - unclear on the concept here. i know napster uses .wmv format, so does the WMP installation make it so you *can* play tunes downloaded from napster?

    see? told you i'm unclear.
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