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    I spoke with the local AT&T rep today (names have been removed to protect the innocent). Here is his email response.
    Bottom line: looks like December for AT&T.

    Hi Mr. xxxxxxx, here is the information on the TREO 650. What will happen is we will get a pre-launch notification and I can put your name in so you get one of the first ones.
    I received this from my Data Manager.

    At this point it looks like a launch in late Dec. Once there is confidence on the date there will be a "pre-launch" order process

    I will put a reminder in my calendar to call in December and if you have any questions, please feel free to call me.

    Thank You

    xxx xxxx
    National Account Corporate Manager
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    Can someone explain to me why AT&T Wireless is even still around? Weren't they supposed to be merged with Cingular by now?

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    I think I read somwhere that the networks are supposed to merge next month. Who knows when the rest will occur, but I wouldn't think they'd just stop selling and planning until the deal is totally implemented.

    I beleive they just finished the last round of confirmations from the FCC and stuff recently, but others can probably be more specific on that.
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    I spoke to my Cingular business rep today and she told me that their "latest update" was mid December. Guess that means a BT headset and GPS in my stocking :-)

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