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    I love my Treo 300 despite my lid breaking for the third time. Sprint always replaces the broken phones quickly, so it hasn't been a big problem.

    Today Sprint (Lockline) sent me what looks to be a new Treo 600 (doesn't look to be refurb--how would I tell?). I've always enjoyed having a flip phone (protected screen, easy fit on face, etc.) The screen is larger on the 300. What will I miss about the 300?

    The 600 is now charging. Do I need firmware updates, etc? Is there a leaning curve? What do I need to learn about the Sprint Treo 600?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm about a week ahead of you for the same reason. I've been looking forward to having a 600 for quite a while. I found a handful of programs had to be upgraded for Palm OS 5, but the new desktop software lists them for you and the upgrades went quickly.

    If you register your new phone at, you get the MP3 software for free. That's been fun to play with. Like any kid with a new toy, I've been playing with it constantly. I've alos felt the need to shell out for a SD card for more storage, a new case and screen protectors.

    This board has been a great resource for info. Have fun, you don't get a brand new phone everyday!
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    You will miss nothing about the 300. The first time you take out the phone and make a call in the sunlight, you'll be hooked.

    Get a screen protector, and you're all set.
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    Thanks for the info (I have now registered at palm and will get a free pocket tunes).

    I am getting used to my new Treo 600. There are many things I like about it. Several things I do miss about the 300:

    I do think the keyboard was easier to use on the 300 (wider keys on the 300 - to be helped in the 650).

    I find the internet to be a little slower for non-mobile sites. I mainly use (on a bookmark) "small sites" ( which gives you a very large list of very fast mobile sites.

    The 300 had more blazer options (not just no images like in the 600, it had a choice of resolutions and b&w web images).

    Lastly, although the 600 is easier to look at in the sunlight (not perfect - but better), with the 300's wider screen it was mush easier to read web news or mail. I have enlarged the fonts for memos, to do's and phone numbers, but the web optomized mode or wide mode options do not help for web page font size. This is a disappointment (eye strain).

    I'm sure the 650 corrects all these things, but I'm not in any position to get one for probably another year.

    Is there a way to enlarge the font for web pages that I did not find? (or a better browser?)

    I am still not sure if I need any firmware upgrades. How can I find out?

    Thanks again,

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    Actually the 650 does not correct all those things. The keyboard is more 600 than 300. Blazer will have the same download and image preferences (the 300 used a proxy while the 600 goes directly to the sites). The screen is the same size on the 650 as the 600 (but much much sharper).

    To determine if you need firmware updates, go to the palmone website and go to the support section. They describe how to check for the most recent version
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    just got mine too. first things I bought were a screen protector and a silicone case. and yeah dont forget to register to get the free ptunes.
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    I miss the bigger keyboard and the ability to use my Targus IR keyboard. (Anyone every find a Treo600 driver for it?) But the speed, 5-way, and size more than compensate.
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