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    Well, I couldn't wait any longer for the 650 (SL65 is dying), so I just bought an unlocked 600 off of eBay. I'll pop my ATTWS sim in there, and wait until I can get a GSM 650. The reason is because if I have to choose between better battery life (GSM) and faster data rate (CDMA), I choose battery. This is all based on the circulating rumors, but basically I'm just betting that the 650 won't be available on ATT until Jan 2005 or later.

    I blame you all on this forum for whetting my appetite for the 650 to such a degree that I had to buy the 600 in anticipation :-p.
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    I have to agree. I bought a 600 because of all the good things I read about it and the upcoming 650. I just couldn't wait for the 650 anymore. Love my 600 and will definitely be buying the 600 when it comes out. I just hope I'll be able to buy an unlocked GSM 650 from Palm's website.
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    LOL, you couldnt wait 4 more days? Wow, you really must have been chomping at the bit.

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