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    Hello All-
    I hope someone will have an answer for me. I just bought the Treo 600 on T-Mobile. I am looking for an app that will "sync" with the server. By that I mean something that will delete the message from the server when I delete it off the server. Right now, if I get 20 emails and delete 10 of them.... I have to delete them again when I get to the office. Any solutions?

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    We are using Goodlink and it works very well for us. go to
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    Hi Sebenza,

    You might want to try It's new and it's awesome. There is another discussion going on where you can get some more reviews. The Good solution actually requires your IT department install the server in the data center. Sproqit can be installed on you dekstop.

    Good luck!
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    If your IT dept. allows IMAP access to your email server, Chatter will do this for you w/o requiring server or desktop software. It provides full IMAP support including multiple folders and true push.

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