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    Ok I was at a friends house and we were listening to tunes outside on my Treo and it dawned on my friends instead of just the songs why dont ya replace them with the actual music video so that way you have the best of both worlds.

    Now I know I want PocketDVD to view dvd's but my question is... to do the above do I need MMPlayer or will PocketDVD play window media player files(such as my music videoes) that I wanna play. What do yall think is the best route? PocketDVD or MMplayer?

    God I also gotta get lightwave for my ringtones songs... gggrrrr...

    - PimpTwist
    the "stolen" treo.
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    i use kinoma to do it... music video usually comes out to about 11-12MB using it
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    both i think...
    I don't have either but my understanding is that pocketDVD rips and encodes so it makes the files that you can put on your treo. Then MMplayer actually plays the files.
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    Same here Kinoma is great
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    I use mmplayer. You need software on your pc or mac to convert the video to a small file on your treo. Then you need mmplayer to view it. I don't own kinoma, but I'm guessing the process is the same.


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