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    Hello everybody. I am an avid Palm user, having used the Tungsten C for a long time before I just purchased the Treo 600.

    I have notice that my Treo soft resets practically when you look at it wrong. I am an addict when it comes to trying out every piece of software, so I understand a lot is from the constant addition and deletion. The following programs I have found cause crashes without fail, or very often:

    Agendus (when you change icons)

    Are there any tricks of the trade on the Treo 600 to using these? Also, I would be interested, as I am sure others would be, to start a list of programs that are obviously not Treo 600 or OS5 compatible. You will not find anything up right now, but over time I will post a page (without selling or marketing anyting, just for user purposes) on those particular apps and possible ways to fix crashes, or apps that work better than the ones that crash. Sound good? Good. Thanks everybody.
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    I've used DateBK5 with my Treo since I got it in March with no problems. I use it a few times everyday.
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    Maybe DateBK5 is clashing with something else? These would be good things to mention to in posts. I know that this thread will probably get buried amongst all the others, unless user take the time to post a little snippit of info. I feel in the long run it would be extremely beneficial to compile a list of problematic apps, possible clasehes, and workarounds. Thanks everybody, I know I am new, so i apologize if I sound liek I am demanding anything.
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    How would I know if DateBK5 is clashing with something on your phone? All I know is I don't have any problem with it on my phone.
    Maybe you should do a hard reset and only install the things you absolutely need on your phone with DateBK5 and see if you still have the problem.
    Aren't Agendus and DateBK5 similar programs? Is there really a need for both?
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    There is a Datebk5 version specially written for the Treo 600. Go to the web site and get it.

    Also, you may have some high res icons left over from a previous handheld. You need to make sure you don't have any in your icon set because they will softreset your Treo.
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    The icon situation was reported by me to's a conflict with the Datebk5 icons. Agendus uses numerical assignments for it's Icon's and reflects this in the note field for each assignment.

    Datebk uses mulitple @@@@@ signs for Icon assignment.

    These @@@ will cause Agendus to hiccup and cause the treo to reset if your using Agendus. Typically these pesky @@@ can be removed via import export features of the Palm Desktop and deletion of the errant @@@ signs.

    I'm not certain that Agendus is going to fix this problem and I don't blame them if they don't....their product is very robust and useful and just to have to change the encoding for icons.

    How many people will actually use both programs long term.

    You can search the Iambic forum if you wish to verify but I've been beta testing Agendus since version 3.X and each time I try Datebk4 or 5 this problem has occurred.
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