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    As I stated the phone will be available through Sprint first. It should go with out saying that any upgrades or promos for the phone will be as well, and to be sure, BB will not be offering any better deals then Sprint if at all.
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    hmmm... ive been wanting for this for a while. should i buy the treo 600 to have a phone then just trade it up? is this possible?!?!

    And BB does have better deals than Sprint directly. The 600 is going for 419 on the website while at BB its at i think 399 the last i checked. Its only 20 dollars but thats some software.
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    I am not really concerned about the cost. I have already bought my 600 and have got thousands of minutes worth of use out of the phone. My problem is that is has entirely too many bugs. I bought the PSP from Best Buy and despite the recent changes to the warranty, they are giong to upgrade me for whatever the difference is. I was never trying to get anything free out of the deal, just what the Best Buy rep had promised and a working phone. I will not be required to pay the 150 activation cost, so as long as the Treo 650 with activation is not more than $400 I will be out no money. If it is more than that with activation, that is the only cost I will endure. The positive thing though, is that I have got to use and will still get to use my Treo until the 650 comes out. I am very pleased with how Best Buy treated me. I will also be writing to the Better Business Buearue. I was expecting to leave in handcuffs and to have to come back with a lawyer. I will continue to shop with Best Buy, I will just know better, or get it in writing, when I buy a PSP next time.

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    Just a thought....

    I have been screwed over by companies a few times in my life (similar to your Best Buy exeprience).

    When I have been really mad, I have taken some time to write a letter to the CEO of a company explaining my story and my frustrations. Almost every time the CEO has taken action to remedy the situation. In many cases the CEO was not even aware of some dumb policy change or rule. After reading my letter, they have changed certain policies.

    Even though you have sold your 600...I am sure they will still do something to make it right. The key is to always come off professionaly in the letter. It takes some time, but it's worth it.

    Heck you have already done half your writing in these posts!
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    I hear you. Although do CEOs actually read letters like that? I mean it would be nice and worth a shot but I'd get more satisfaction suing them lol

    How about a compromise?
    Ill write him a nice letter that tells him I want to sue him?

    also i tried to optimize that image to see if i could find treo 650 data on it. i think im onto somthing

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    i THINK i see....

    Supplier: Sprint PCS Model: Treo_650

    i think....
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    I have never written a letter to a CEO that was not responded to. If you want them to do something nice for you...I would not threaten the lawsuit coming out of the gates!
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