OK Help me out.

I am not sure I can afford a $100 per month for data and voice services or this would be easy.

Should I get the Treo 600 (and be very careful)

Wait for the Treo 650 (if that would help)

or buy the Samsung i600 (windows mobile phone)?

My Boss is picking up the tab for the phone, I just have to be able to afford the plan. I only want Phone, sms, and text emails. Other then that, I don't care about browsing the web. I Would like to have the treo so that I could combine my Tungsten E, Two way pager, and cell. I currently have ATT Wireless but we do also have Verizon in the area. I only use about 150 minutes per month voice. PLEASE help if you can.

Robb Feldhege

If your Best was good enough today... It won't be tomorrow.