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    I'm sort of disappointed. An iPod for pictures is cool, but I think the big winner will be the iPod that plays movies. That seems to be the hot item these days...

    If I could have my songs, pictures, and a few movies on an iPod MOV, if you will, I would be sold. Imagine having Pulp Fiction and your latest iMovie available to watch on your iPod? Maybe next Christmas?
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    Well Steve Job’s big show is done and Frank Casanova had his keynote address.
    Quote Originally Posted by mbd26
    Archie- you got at least one: the new PhotoPod will display album art.
    Yeah, and it has entered the world of “multimedia”. You can hook the iPod Photo to a TV and stream slide shows to it with your background music, speech or other recorded sound files as built within iPhoto (with all of the photos’ high resolution glory). What I was hoping for though, as I had mentioned, was some sort of wireless functionality. With every move they make, it becomes more of a necessity. First they take away the inline remote on the headphones. Now they force you to stay close to the TV with the short 3 foot audio/video connection cables. This thing is screaming for some sort of Bluetooth like remote. Maybe someday.

    In reference to Frank Casanova’s keynote, we did learn of new MPEG-4 and AAC capabilities and uses. So I called that one too.

    He talked about partnerships with DoCoMo, Sprint and two other companies that I cannot remember the names of right now. These partnerships include server-based solutions (all of which, I think, are exclusive). Sprint and PalmOne based smartphones will be using the 3G2 codec for the video capture and of course will be supported at Sprint’s end with Apple Servers. I believe all Sprint phones will be using this QuickTime solution. GSM phones will be utilizing the h.263 codec (1999 – grrrrr, wtf) for video capture and this of course is playable in QuickTime.

    Not really brought up in any LENGTHY discussion, was the subject of AACplus (HE AAC). A low bitrate solution using AAC for CD-audio quality. This may be the format used for Motorola phones to download iTMS songs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacUser
    I'm sort of disappointed. An iPod for pictures is cool, but I think the big winner will be the iPod that plays movies. That seems to be the hot item these days...
    You should try walking down the streets and subways of New York, then you will understand the "cultural" phenomenon of the iPod and its success. I was there for a week in October and every once in a while I would come across a wave of white corded earphones. It's not about movies. It's about your other fellow members of society. How can you relate to your other fellow members of society if your face is burried in a 2 inch screen trying to watch a movie. But the music... you can enjoy the music while also relating, at a distance, to other passer-byers.

    It's weird. I cannot completely explain it but it is a way of relating and connecting to others.
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    You're right, it is an intangible connection. I used to live in NYC, and you'd get that little "nod" from other iPod users as you passed on the street wearing the white ear buds. At first it was really a Mac thing, fellow Apple-users bonding away from their desktops. But since iPod went Windows it has broadened to something even bigger and more specific at the same time (bigger in terms of more users and specific in terms of the iPod itself not Mac or Apple).

    And now I live in Turkey and am starting to see the iPod around here-regular folks (well, wealthy regular folks), not foreign tourists. Last year the iPod commercials came to Turkish TV, and when I or my wife wear ours out-and-about here we ge that nod too.
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    Apple has posted Frank's CTIA keynote address.

    They did talk about Sprint TV, which is run using QuickTime on Apple servers for all Sprint phones. An exclusive media serving partnership. This goes for Verizon now too. Apple's QuickTime is spreading. Four cellular networks in total; Docomo, KDDI, Sprint and Verizon.

    I can't believe Palm is making such a huge mistake by leaving Apple behind.
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    I forgot to mention AT&T Wireless. They had certified QuickTime for use when they launched their 3G UMTS.

    SmarTone, Hongs Kong's leading mobile company, also now uses QuickTime.

    Vodafone has said they would stop offering new second-generation cell phone handsets in 2005 to force customers to switch to 3G handsets. This is what Apple wants to here to. Oh, this is happening because Shiro Tsuda just left DoCoMo (as executive vice president) to join Vodafone. DoCoMo was the first company that started using QT and this guy was there for it, so it is pretty safe to say that Vodafone will be the next to go QuickTime.

    The numbers are adding up. 7 big time companies. I'm just waiting for T-Mobile to jump in. What's up T-Mo?
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