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    Im planning to buy the 650 whenever it comes out and was wondering what is the best coverage for southern california with the treo? Specifically in the Orange County area? Can anyone in this area give me some info about how good the service is. is verizon good? sprint? tmobile? cingular? how are the prices? I was leaning towards tmobile because they have good prices. Can anyone in this area tell me about the service providers? thanks
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    I'm using a Treo 600 on T-Mobile in Orange County and LOVE it! I was using an iPAQ 6315 and always had a poor signal and constantly had to reset my device. I'm not sure how the other carriers are but my Treo works great on T-Mobile. I'm buying a 650 as soon as it comes out
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    I use a Treo600 on Sprint in Orange county and have great coverage. I haven't used other carriers here, so I don't have anythign to compare to, but the coverage is great. The only holes in their coverage is in places like going over the pass on the toll road, where I have a feeling most carriers would drop.
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    Yeah, I think toll road coverage is sometimes iffy on most of the carriers. T-Mobile usually drops calls going over the top of the hill on the 261.
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    Thanks for the info guys. What is better in your opinion GSM or CDMA? I have a verizon phone right now and the reception is good except at my friends house in Irvine. I live in Anaheim right now and was wondering do you constantly have full reception throughout orange county? thanks in advance
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    I live in Ventura County right next to Orange and I have had AT&T, Cingular, T-mobile, Nextel and Sprint. SPRINT by far is the best!!!
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    my treo 600 in anaheim hills and the rest of the OC also works great. except in the hills.
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    forgot to mention it was tmobile
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    Had Sprint and Now Verizon. Hate to say it, but Verizon is the best. Pity they suck so bad, but in terms of sheer signal and reception Verizon is the best.

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