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    I have a treo 600 that is about 5 months old and is having problems. I am looking to get a replacement thru lockline or Sprint, but would prefer one without the camera (due to work restrictions).

    I have tried going to a couple sprint stores and they have never heard about the treo 600 without a camera... So it is tough to get a non-camera replacement, even if it is possible.

    I am curious before I just get it replaced with a regular one, has anyone got a replacement (Sprint) non-camera Treo 600 when they had a Treo 600 with the camera? If so, how did you do it?

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    From what I have been told the non-camera models are not available in the stores, only through the business department. I was able to get customer service to replace my I500 with a non-camera T600 (same reason due to work, that you would like). It was a pain, but it did happen. I had to call CSR and work my way through the system to get it accomplished. I was told that stores may be able to special order tham, but as for stocking them that isn;t going to happen because everyone wants the camera (but as others, as well as myself, have proven professionals and businesses don't want them for the most part). Good luck, I knwo this doesn't really answer your question, but does give you soome background and an avenue to pursue. Lockline may be able to get you a non-camera version, but that would be dumb luck if it worked out, (I am guessing).

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