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    Hi Guys

    Did a couple of searches on this but could not find anything.

    I live in Bangkok and am not sure whether the 650 having edge is going be great or a let down. Currently I just use our biggest carrier (AIS) and GPRS on my phone and T.

    Any feedback would be great.

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    AIS supports EDGE around Siam Square - seems to be the only spot now, but maybe they've added more already ... check with their hotline
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    Cheers mate. Have sent them an email and will follow up via phone.
    Will post any feedback as I get it. I read an article that said that they had done a deal with Nokia to supply the kit they needed and another, can't remember the exact details, saying that they had linked up with some HK mob to supply enhanced roaming using Edge - but didn't have a timeline. Another article by some egg head in the states that it can get speeds up to 350ish which would be nice.

    See ya
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    Quote Originally Posted by BBKBAZ
    it can get speeds up to 350ish which would be nice.

    See ya
    maybe for class 12, class devices get up into the 280's in peak bursts
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    Cheers 100thMonkey

    Yeah you are right 'hypothetically' it maxs out at 400 something but a 110-130 average will make it pretty cool for s mobile device with hi-res for me anyway - particularly if the blazer experience is better(rumour I know).

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    I know this is off topic (no flames, please), but do you have trouble sending SMS to the USA. I am on AT&T here in the US. I can send SMS to a friend that is on AIS in Thailand, but any that she sends to me do not make it. I have called AT&T and they are clueless.
    Any help is most appreciated.

    BTW, coverage on AIS is great! On my last trip to Thailand (2 weeks ago), I got coverage on AIS everywhere I traveled. I was on an elephant in the middle of a forest near Mae Hong Son, and my phone rang (three bars). Too cool!!! I got great GPRS coverage on my AIS prepaid & was able to surf from some very interesting places.
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    Hi Jskier

    Have not as I know had any problems - my brother was recently in the States and South America and had no problems. However his was a UK based number so I can't help I'm afraid.

    Yeah AIS (LOve them or Loathe them BBEUB will know what I mean!) do have the best coverage I have travelled all over and have had great coverage.

    BTW beelzebueb got a note back from AIS:

    'Dear Mr. Kelly,

    Thank you very much for your email. We are delighted to have the opportunity to serve you. With regard to your request, we would like to inform the detail of EDGE (Enhanced Data Global Evolution) service, the service ,offering a high speed connectivity at 384 kps as well as supporting a real-time service such as VOIP (voice over IP), has been providing in certain areas of Bangkok, Siam Square and Silom only, since October 2003. In order to connect through the EDGE service, these specific handset models are required -Nokia 6220,6230,7200,7700. An EDGE connection fee is the same as GPRS connection, included in your package.

    According to your email, the promotion for an Internet SIM is HERE. '

    I took the 60 hours GPRS for about 500 Baht but will trade up to the Baht900 per month (3 months unlimited and 9 months at 250 ours free 6am-12pm and 150 hours free 12.01am -5.59am) anything over that 3baht per min.

    I have also asked them to find out about expansion plans for the edge service. Does not look hopeful though only Siam and Silom since 2003!

    Cheers Guys

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