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    I recently saw a post regarding software that could increase the megapixals in photos taken with the Treo 600. A link to the software was posted, but I can't find the original post now. Does anyone know of this software? Thanks
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    There isn't any software to increase the megapixels, that would require a hardware update (new camera). However, there is software that will reduce the compression used on pictures, making them a little better looking. It's called QSet.
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    tyeandgaren, try pickem.
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    Qset really makes a difference in pic quality when pics are viewed on desk/lap top.
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    Trying to improve the resolution (megapixels) of your camera with software is like trying to learn french from a spanish textbook. It's just not possible.

    All the software does is it takes the image that the camera (hardware) gives it, and manipulates it. It can't improve it anymore than I can improve the size of the apples in my fridge. They've already grown as big as they'll be, and the image that the software manipulates is as good as it'll be.

    Now, here's where it gets confusing. Say the camera image is 100 pixels by 100 pixels, or 10,000 pixels total. Software can split each of those pixels up into, for example, 4. So now each original pixel is 4 smaller pixels. The new images is 400 pixels by 400 pixels, or 160,000 pixels.

    Is 160,000 pixels better than 10,000 pixels? In this case, no, because even though there are more pixels, there's just more of them because they're smaller. It's like the old joke... which is heavier, a pound of iron or a pound of feathers? They're both the same weight - a pound. Same here, 160,000 pixels and 10,000 pixels are the same quality in this example.

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