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    I use the treo 600 side pouch that came with the cingular treo 600 I really like to holster, except whenever the phone rings and i take it out to answers it, it inadvertenly answers the phone because i brushed my fingers against the screen. is there a way to disable the screen from answering and just doing an anykey answer thing instead?
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    Go to Preferences -> Keyguard and checko off "Disable touschscreen when: Incoming calls received
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    thanks a lot!
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    Or you could tryTreoGuard, a great little utility that locks whichever buttons you want on an incoming call, and turns off your screen for you. Available in the downloads section of MTDN.
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    Any ideas as why this happens? I can't tell if the case is so tight that it is pressing the 4 way button, inadvertently answering the call??
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    You might also chech out TreoGuard. It took care of my inadvertant call answering.

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