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    I'm having trouble with the serial port of my Treo 90. It works fine for a HotSync but doesn't work with a program of mine. Whenever I call SrmOpen or SrmExtOpen it just locks up. I also have a Visor platinum and a Tungsten T which work fine with either call.
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    This happens when I use 0x8000 as the port. If I change it to 0x8003 I get a serErrBadConnID error. The program is to communicated with a device through a cable using TTL. I know its not the cable causing trouble because I've wired the Treo to use the working Visor cable and I get the same problem. I've also tested the Treo cable using the Visor and it worked fine, so I think it's the Treo itself.
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    Does anybody have developer documentation on this treo model?

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