View Poll Results: Which 650 Feature are you most excited about?

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  • Hi-Res 320 x 320 screen

    65 62.50%
  • Bluetooth - even if it's locked down!

    17 16.35%
  • Garnet Palm OS (5.4)

    2 1.92%
  • New toys... it doesn't even matter!!

    20 19.23%
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    Definitely the high res screen. More compatible with lots and lots more apps. But what about the lighted keypad? Does the Treo 600 have this feature also? If not, I'm very glad the 650 has one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacUser
    Okay, I'm going to ask...
    What does EDGE do for you(us)?
    faster upload and download speed for GSM/GPRS users as long as your network supports it, which mine (ATTWS) does as it already has EDGE nationwide
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    Camera less versions
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    The ability to play Monkey Island and Sam & Max with ScummVM for palm!! Joy!!
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    edge, better camera, IMAP included
    Off to iPhone land...
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheChiefNerd
    More buttons = More gooder!

    Less RAM = Less gooder.
    I'm upset about the RAM, too...but an interesting note: I looked at the amount of available RAM on my Treo 600 and it says there is only 23.1 megabytes available of which I have about 8 megabytes free.

    Now assuming that out of the 32MB of RAM that is supposed to be in the device, some of it is used for heap space/OS-level functions, I'm still not thrilled with the fact that almost a third of the RAM in the device is not available for my programs, but at least it isn't a MAJOR reduction in RAM as I had originally thought.
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