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    FWIW . . .I've had a generic GSM 600 since Nov 03 and have had no problems. A question: Are most of the problem Treo 600s Sprint phones?
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    What's wrong with my Treo 600? It's not a Treo 650!
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    I had mine for an hour and smoke started to come out of it. It then got real hot so I put it down and it blew up!! So now I am waiting for the 650.
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    #1. Started to get that "Network Search" problem and could not make or receive calls at times.

    #2. At times (like almost daily) it just will not power on, I have to do a soft reset. Also, my e-mail is malfunctioning. It's embedding code with my messages and will not attach pics to an email at all. My replacement is suppose to be ready this evening after 6:00.
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