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    My company has several Treo 600's in use. One user dropped his phone and cracked the LCD. I took it to the Sprint store, they said they can't fix it and call the manufacturer. I called them, and they said to take it to the Sprint store.

    How does someone get a non-warranty issue resolved when you don't have Sprint's phone protection plan?
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    You will have to get in contact with PalmOne there technical support line should be on their website. Expect $100 minimum charger to get the LCD repaired. Good luck and palm isn't to bad to deal with they will send you a box within 48 hours for you to ship the treo to them in.
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    I just got my forth 600 in a little over a year. I got the original one from Handspring in Oct 03'. The sound went out on mine last week no alarms no ringing no speaker. Took it to the Sprint store and five minutes later walked out with a brand new one. No insurance out of warranty even (atleast the original 10-03 warranty). Granted this one is palmone branded screen sucks. All three times at the Sprint store they replaced it with a brand new one no questions asked. Granted a cracked screen indicates abuse or the users fault.
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    No, I don't have a protection plan, insurance or anything of that nature.
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    I am in the same boat. I was told by palmone that they are under contract with sprint not to do any repairs for sprint users. Has anyone else been told that. Has anyone heard of any other palm screens that might work with the treo??
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    I used a TreoCentral member to fix my screen. Search for my "So Long Treo" thread and it should give you a little help.
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    You were able to get a cracked screen fixed?
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    Yes. It works perfectly now.

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