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    Can anyone recommend a cheap or free RSS feed reader for the treo 600? I'd like something that pulls in the feeds when I hotsync. I don't particularly want to pay much for anything 'cause I've never really looked at RSS stuff before, but I've seen a couple of sites that have them, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and see what it's all about.


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    Hand/RSS, Ticker, mNews, and Sunrise are the RSS feed readers I'm aware of. I think Hand/RSS and mNews are probably the most popular. Sunrise is a fairly new one that creates Plucker documents from RSS feeds that you can sync to your Treo. Then you'll need Plucker Viewer on your Treo which is free. So, that might be the best match to what you're looking for.

    At , we have some RSS feeds available, which you can view on your Treo through Blazer.
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    This isn't an RSS feeder for the Treo but I thought I'd share the information anyways:

    Pluck retrieves, organizes, and automatically delivers your favorite web stuff in a single-view. Pluck lets you browse multiple sites at once, share stories and folders with anyone, and it even finds things when you are not online. Pluck also organizes and stores all your Web information so you can access it from anywhere. Pluck has a Perch feature -- Perches are "persistent searches". You set up Perches to look for things on Google, eBay, Amazon, or more than 5,500 news sources. Perches save your search results and then check for changes on a regular basis. They can alert you when new items are found and highlight those that have been updated.

    You can check out user community information in the Pluck Forum
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