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    does anybody know of any software that is free for driving directions for the treo 300?
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    Direcotry Assistant 3.0 (Beta) works great! I use it on teh Treo 600 but it should work for the 300 as well.
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    I didn't download the directions program because I don't use Data (too cheap to pay the $15/month) But The minutes program(MINUTES PLUS) that was there is AWESOME. I can track my usage w/o going to Sprint's site. It has alarms so I know when I'm close to taking additional charges. GREAT little program.
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    hey for the directory assistant 3.0 it says that the file could have bugs and be unstable is that true is that the same one you have. just wanted to make sure just went through some disasters with viruses on my pc. didnt work for like 3 weeks. would this be okay to download or what.
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    It is ok to download, I have been using it for 7 months now. The program itself is a beta and the only problem I have ever run into is that sometimes the picture for a button in DA doesn't load, in which case I just resinstall a fresh version of the program. This has happened maybe three times. Doesn't bother anything else on the Treo though.
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    if you go to mapquest you can create directions there & select download to PDS - it downloads as an avantgo link

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