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    I just went to bestbuy's website to see if they had the Samsung Smartphone i600, trading in my treo 600.(i can't hear callers unless I use speakerphone). To my surprise I found a new TREO 600 with these features: Bluetooth Enabled, Color Screen, Digital Camera, Downloadable Ringtone Capable, FM Radio, PDA Functionality, Push To Talk Enabled, Speakerphone, Text Messaging, Vibrating Alert, Web Enabled. Though another part of there site says it has no "push-to-talk". I immediately boxed my old one, grabbed warranty and headed out to get a new phone, unfortunately they didnt have it and not one person knew anything about what was on website. Has ne1 had any luck with bestbuy?

    here is the link
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    I fixed the above link, sorry.
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    I think this was already posted earlier, maybe last week. There are several estimates of when it will be available. I guess we will have to wait.
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    Looks more like whoever wrote the description for BestBuy simply didn't have a clue. They've been carrying the Sprint Treo 600 for quite some time...but what they described is over the top, yet it's clearly not the 650.
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    If you have ever had anything to do with a representative of Best Buy at a consumer level you have not been impressed. Any general user of this site has much more knowledge of a treo 600 then they do. They are just clueless and posted wrong information.
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    FM radio? Bluetooth? Push to talk? Am I missing somethin'?
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    the only thing you are missing is an accurate description of the picture shown :-)

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