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    I'm thinking on buying some. Don't know if I should.

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    Immediately? No. After it is in the marketplace for a while? Depends on the reception.
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    the release is already calculated into the share price - its a no-news

    if you got secure information though that they finally launch the promised "family" and will have a more sure edge over the competition, well then I'd buy immediately.
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    PLMO is a trading stock - LOTS of traders jumping on and off ALL the time. The official TREO 650 intro should cause a significant spike upwards, IMHO.

    The spike won't last - none of them have (*) - but it should be impressive.

    PLMO management says they're gonna announce the announcement (or something...giggle) soon - for some reason lost in the ridiculous history of "announcement rumors" I think October 25th is that date.

    Watch, listen, read, wait, jump on AFTER the spike begins, jump off BEFORE the spike ends. Be happy with a nice profit instead of trying to get maximum profit.

    IMHO, of course!


    (*) For example, JP Morgan has a habit of pumping the stock with literally groundless (or simply incorrect!) "analysis reports". They just did so a couple days ago. That took PLMO out of an artificially-severe drop to above where it had been. It's now back to where it had been. In about three days. Its "chart" looks like a square-wave...sure sign of trading...
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    Well, I heard on the news that Palm stock already surged up this week because of rumors of a "new" release of the "popular" Treo smartphone. I believe this was Monday or Tuesday morning. I was really tired, but it was one of those days.

    If the 650 has a large built-in Memory, I would buy.
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    Its currently trading at 28...and in the past couple of months has jumped violently from prices as low and lower to highs in the 36-39's.

    I would say its a good time to buy.
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    One time in my life, I did a good thing wrt stocks and sold my PalmOne at $41/share!!!

    Of course, this does not in any way make up for the dozens of times I sold low or bought high...

    I think everyone is correct in saying that the 650 announcement is already factored into the current price point. But, now just watch it climb to $60, $70 or $80 because I said this!

    I may actually wait a little while and see if I should buy some more...
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    Quote Originally Posted by work2fish
    One time in my life, I did a good thing wrt stocks and sold my PalmOne at $41/share!!!

    I had the opposite experience. One night I thought to myself...hmm I should buy some PalmOne stock. I put in a limit was trading in the low 20's at the time. I check the price 3 days later...its in the 40's. My order never went through...i was .05 lower then the lowest it hit in those 2 days.
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    If you don't have the confidence to hold, you're too late. Always buy on the rumor and sell on the news short term.

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