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    I "shaved" down my 256mb Panasonic card with success. Are all SD cards safe to sandpaper down? I think I am going to buy the 1gb Lexar card but want to make sure I am not surprised. Thanks!
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    I recently got the Lexar 1 GB SD card and shaved it down with no problem. I actually used the San Disk 512 MB card I had shaved down as a guide so I did not go too far down. Works like a charm!

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    SD card sanding/shaving/tuning has been discussed in these forums ad nauseum around the time the T600s came out. Do a search for lots of hints, experience and advice.
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    Here's the old thread discussing it.
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    Warning, shaving ur cards for the Treo 600 might make them awkward for the Treo 650!

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