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    My friends are telling me they're not getting my text messages for the last couple days, I have a 300. Anyone else having problems? I Sprint having problems?
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    Called Sprint today and they say it isn't "their" problem because I'm using a third party software (treo300sms) and the outgoing messages don't go directly through their system. SO, I'm guessing PDAapps is the problem again. I'm just going to find a way to get another smart phone that text messages without all the BS. Had my 300 for two years now and no problems except the geniuses at Handspring didn't design it for text messaging. Grrrrr!

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    same thing quit working about a week ago. we've worked on it for about 3 hours now...if anyone knows the solution please let us know.
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    I went to the PDAapps.Com site and downloaded the latest Treo300SMS app they had posted. I uninstalled the Treo300SMS version that was on my Treo300 and installed the new version. You have to use your original registration code to get it out of trial mode.

    But after doing this, I was able again to send outgoing text messages. It didn't solve the caller ID thing which I think is probably Sprint.

    So, give that a whirl. Go to the support section on the PDAapps.Com site and follow the instructions for uninstall and install.

    Good Luck. I am content again...for now. I really wish the caller ID thing could be straightend out. I notice that when I send a message to myself it works. Go figure.

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