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    I went to BestBuy to look and see if they had any 600's left and they were all out. I talked the guy at the customer service desk and told him that my current 600 repeatedly locks up and even locks up at the soft reset screen too. He told me what I had to do in order to get my phone replaced. He said that since it is a PDA it can be replaced in the store.

    I then talked to the guy in the cell phone section and asked him if he had anything in the computer on the new 650. Wholla, it was there for $649.99 and the pdp was $49.99. There wasn't in stock at any store and there wasn't any specs for the phone. The good thing for me was that the carrier information was Sprint.

    So I am pretty sure will Sprint will have BestBuy carring there phones. I told the guy in the cell phone department about my lock ups and said that I will have to call a number and they will decide if I have to send my phone in or get a phone shipped to me. I am sure it will be another 600. So I am hoping that the customer service guy is right and I will surely bring it to him after a few weeks of the 650 being out.
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    Sounds be willing to spend $100 + $50 for their ****ty PSP for the $650.

    This is if they allow me to do the phone swap with my (expecting it to die any day now) treo600
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    i hate to tell people this but you will be very pissed to find that best buy doesnt offer in store replacement on any PSP for cell phones anymore. you will now be directed to a toll free number which will deny that any best buy ever swapped defective phones for an upgrade and that anything like that was not specifically stated in the PSP so they dont have to honor it and that all they can do is send you a refurb.

    BUT WAIT! THERES MORE! if you havent had the phone for a year yet, not ONLY do they not do in store replacements as promised, not ONLY do they not upgrade like many of the reps told you, they also say that if it hasnt been a year they now have an agreement with sprint so that you can get your phone replaced WITH A REFURB via your nearest sprint store.

    so after being on hold for about an hour, you find out that you now have to drive your *** to a sprint store. heres the kicker. for those of us that are paying a monthly free for the Sprint lockline insurance (which i can assume are most treo users), this is exactly what we would have had to do anyway except we paid best buy an extra $70 for a PSP that is now completely useless.

    i can't tell you hard i tried, arguin with all the managers, arguing with the supervisor at the toll free number, arguing with sprint, telling them i had 4 replacments and i find the treo 600 defective comapred to a working 650 and how i have a defective letter from sprint for my current treo and how the reps told me straight out that i could get a replacement. they stand behind their wonderful "we reserve the right to change the warranty at any time" and say that you should have read thru the 3000 words of fine print when u got the warranty. my head almost exploded.

    do i sound bitter? am i harboring resentment? you bet i freakin am.

    please someone help me sue these evil doers !!!
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    Yup. I bought my 600 through Handspring when it first came out and have six replacements. I went to a Sprint store every time, told them it was my only phone (no land line) and I needed a replacement right then and there. Always walked out with a new phone on the original warranty and never dealt with Handspring.
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    Yeah, I can't believe all the unbelievably wishful thinking on this board that someone's going to give you full trade-in value on a phone and just pay the difference and take home the next model up. Why would they do that? That's silly....yep, this new $650 phone is only going to cost me $100! Everyone with the current model of anything, bring it back and get full list price value towards a newer model! And then my bowel movements will all become 24k gold and I'll have a never ending supply of revenue!
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    its not wishful thinking. i expect that for one very simple reason.

    In fact thats what i HAVE done for the following phones

    Samsung 8500 > Samsung A460 > Samsung A500 > Samsung A600 > Treo 600

    I always bought the warranty, i always just paid the difference.
    Why? Because Best Buy used to be lax with it and also because i had defects a number of times. And everytime before i got a new psp for the new device i always asked if i could get it upgraded just to make sure. now instead of being grandfathered in with the terms of the PSP i paid for, they claim they can now change their policy and it applies to people who already paid for it. If you service provider suddenly said, i realize you signed up for a $49.99 plan but page 26 paragraph 43 sez we can change it. Now you have go to Milwaukee and wait in line for an hour to make a call after 7pm every other Friday and Saturay, well fine go ahead and do it.

    "If you buy our PSP and there's something wrong with your phone, you can replace it in store or pay the difference and get an upgrade for what you originally paid for your phone." Those are the exact words of the best buy reps.

    Why do i expect it? Because thats what they said the psp would do and thats why i paid $70 for it. otherwise like netfreedom said, i have the handspring warranty AND sprint lockline.

    You won't catch me ranting on many other things but this is pissing me off.
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    I am with you Wahili, I was told the exact same thing. I am going tomorrow, before the 650 is released, to get a refund. I have the network search problem now. I will not be attempting to get the upgrade I was promised. I can also garrentee I will not buy another phone from BestBuy. Compusa sells an instore replacement plan aswell. Guess what they call it, Instore Replacement Plan. I am furious about the changing of the PSP, I seriously would like to sue them.
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    thats why im saying, you get enough people together who can say, the best buys consistently lied to us, maybe we can get some justice and some $.

    An the thing is i am on a personal basis with the main sprint reps.. the ones that actually go from store to store and knows whats up. He was furious with Best Buy for doing that as were the reps. Because now the reps also have to deal with angry customers and it certainly wasnt their decision. Regardless, lets sue! cmon wheres our treocentral lawyer!
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    I'm with you wahili. I just went through the same experience. All kinds of different favorite, was that the plan didn't transfer over to the new phone! I've done that on the three previous phones they swapped out, but now was told once i get a new phone, they have honored their agreement!!! WTF? I marched back into the store and they told me that was not true, i got a printout with the info on it and can't wait to raise hell when the 650 comes out. They said to come right back to the store and get the phone upgraded, they didnt' even mention having the phone have a problem (i know it will though). Tried to write down as much as possible and here's hoping for the best!
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    Man I don't know what you guys are smoking. Two of my local Best Buys (int he backwater hick town of Atlanta) both have 600s in stock, and no earthly knowledge of the 650. At one store when I asked about the 650 the guy just stared blankly for a minute, at the other the guy shuffled nervously then yelled "hey look, a rabbit!" then ran away when I turned my head.
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    um... he ran away? He's a rep in a store? Stores arn't that big are they?

    Did he just turn and run away about 5 metres then stand there in the corner of the room like the crappy AI in games like Avp?

    Hehe this is a fun image ...

    (Or was the rabbit actually a crazed giant red man eating rabbit? and are you dead?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra Kai
    Yeah, I can't believe all the unbelievably wishful thinking on this board that someone's going to give you full trade-in value on a phone and just pay the difference and take home the next model up.
    Quote Originally Posted by wahili
    they claim they can now change their policy and it applies to people who already paid for it. I

    Well, if they can point out where in my copy of the PSP i purchased says that they can change the agreement...then i will give up.

    While its not stated that they will do the swap in store...the no lemon policy is quite clear...which is how I will be upgrading.
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    try getting anywhere with the best buy psp. if you succeed i will give you my appendix.
    seriously though, according to my lawyer, their PSP is worded just ambiguously enough so that they can basically change the terms of their policy whenever they want and basically circumvent it as long as they do through some channel give you the exact same phone back. Their no lemon policy doesn't extend to upgrading a new phone. the possible lawsuit lies in the fact that the warranties were sold to us and we were told we could upgrade by the stores when the had lied to us about their ability to fulfill this agreement.

    According to the Best Buy people, upgrading the phone was always a decision of the store manager and the store itself in terms of how accomodating they would be to the customer and was never part of the wording in the PSP. So once word came down from the main Best Buy that no PSPS gets done in the store it made things easier thanks to Spring telling them to cease and desist... Now they will do NOTHING in store, you HAVE to call the 1800 number. And if you call it they shut you out easily on upgrades claming no such policy ever existed. If you wanna try it out, try upgrading to a phone they have out now and watch.

    I dont like being a glass half empty person but seriously, if you can do this, i need to know about. Please email me or PM me.

    i really want to bring a class action against them and i guess people have before.

    those are specific to PSP

    this is a site that specializes in all things sucky at best buy. - employees - customers

    and here's 3000+ more reasons

    anyway im done with my rant... for now.
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    Good luck guys and I do believe that if you're noisy enough and have a reasonable leg to stand on then it can work but I also think that if they're still making the 600, then that's what they'll give you.

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