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    This may be old news to everyone and if it is I'll just delete this post or something.

    but I found this PDA:

    A VGA handheld out and apparantly there are going to be 5 releases from all companies with this amazingly high res screen. A resolution of 640 x 480 is amazing! It means web browsing is actually pointful. You could actually find something with terminal services.....

    Anyways. Palm have also just released a new T5. And what does it have? Well 256mb of memory....

    (this PDA has 2 memory card slots including CF (hello 8gb memory cards!). And obviously this has wifi and bluetooth :P (which seems to be something amazing on these boards)...

    After seeing this its almost tempting to give up on the 650 and go for a mix of phones and PDA. (phones like the motorola V3 and the sony ericson 700i are amazing!)

    But I do love the beautiful form factor the 650... oh well :S
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    The old Loox (which never made it to the states...looked 1000x better)

    As for the end of palm...i think the PDA market will end...but we can already see that with PDA's being replaced with smartphones.

    Then you also have handtops like the FLYBook (i just wish they had aCDMA version of it)
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    The end of Palm has been widely predicted for years, yet PalmOne keeps increasing their sales of Treo-class products. I do think that Pocket PC phones are finally getting good enough to be worth considering as alternatives to the Treo 600/650. Competition is a good thing! Maybe PalmOne will accelerate their rate of change!
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    Wow, that screen is hot!
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    I suppose....

    At least the end of the tugsten line then. I mean the 640 x 480, the wifi and features of ALL of these new PDAs are so amazing that I think the tugsten series will fail then. As in completely.

    I suppose Zires are still really nice. If you just want a personal organiser hte black and white zire is amazing. Its hard for me to think of treos as succesfully because in England they are unheard of. (at least amongst teenagers). I've heard that the XDA 4 is gonna have a 640 x 480 screen. Smartphones with a resolution like that will be amazing!
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    yeah yeah yeah ummm hear about the Dell x50v? Same specs but faster processor and 16mb video ram. These are all interesting devices but... when will the keyboard come on? That would make it killer
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    Thats why the XDA 4 will be so good.

    That will have a keyboard and a 640 x 480 and a 1mp camera (admittedly the treo already has that) and it will be a smartphone and have voice dialing (i think the xda 3 has it already).

    As I've said loads. Surfing the internet with that resolution will finally make everything worthwhile. Coupled with wifi, a keyboard and the ability to have complete free roaming on the XDA already....

    Gonna be a fun time.
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    Never count out comebacks.....I certainly don't
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    looks dumb to me...
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    it LOOKS great, imo - but no qwerty kybd (a non-starter for me)

    but that screen does look nice

    just think where technology will be in just 5 years... when everything will look that good - or better!

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