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    Has anyone been able to get Agile Messenger to work?

    it's a free multi platform IM tool similar to causerie and trillian. the best part is it's free. the worst is that it was designed for Symbian and is now being ported to windows and palm... the windows version is pretty good, but the palm version i haven't been able to login or anything...
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    Is anyone currently using this? I am looking for free IM software for very limited IM use.
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    I have used it and I would hardly ever get it to connect so I just got verichat and called it a day..
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    Thanks. What platforms did you try Agile for? I am looking for something to use on Yahoo and AIM occasionally.
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    Is anyone successfully using Agile Messenger on a Treo 600?
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    I use yahoo,aim and msn but they all had prolems connecting.
    The only time I ever made a mistake was when i thought I did and was mistaken.
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    Agile Messenger works perfect on the PPC and Symbian OS phones. Doesn't connect on the Treo 650, so like many others, I use Verichat.
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    Works fine for me on my Treo 600 and T-Mobile internet service. I connect everytime to AOL and Yahoo with no problems.
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    T600-I can connect pretty consistently with yahoo but not aim or msn. If I don't exit the program and go to something else, then it causes a reset :-(
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    Funny. I can get to MSN, and no crashes when I leave it to do other things. I cannot get to one of Yahoo or AIM, I think Yahoo...
    Seems to do what it claims to do pretty well. I'd really prefer to be able to get IMs when running other programs, or when the Treo is asleep. Agile seems to work well as a convenience for me (I can pop on to see if contacts are online), but not so much for anyone trying to contact me (as it is virtually never running with the Treo awake, therefore I'm virtually never online).

    Can't complain for the price, though.
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    Works great on my SE p910!! Not only that but I can log into my AIM and MSN at the same time and it displays all my contacts on both chat servers in one page of basically it just combines all contacts even though I have both AIM & MSN running at the same time.
    You can also it to 'push to talk' to your contacts and leave an audio message for them in their chat server. Pretty Cool!!!
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    Worked perfectly fine on my 600 and later 650...
    But VeriChat ended up pwning it, so...
    I'm retro..
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    Works fine for me with Yahoo. Does anyone know if you can use it with two IM's simultaneously. I couldn't get it to work with Yahoo and AIM at the same time.
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    I got AIM and MSN to work at the same time.
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    I couldn't get MSN to work at all. Can you tell me the format for the login?
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    I don't have any special settings or format. I just entered my username and password. Sometimes it doesn't connect, but I'm sure it is network related.
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    Do you enter the username as
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    It works perfectly fine with MSN/Hotmail.
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    Well don' get all snippy on me. I can't login to msn (hotmail) messenger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zekep
    Well don' get all snippy on me. I can't login to msn (hotmail) messenger.
    sorry I took so long...........but YES, for msn enter
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