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    Over a year ago I bought two Treo 300's from Circuit City with their extended warranty (3 years I think). One for me, one for my wife. After about a year, I bought myself a Sony-Ericsson T608 (Bluetooth Sprint phone) to use with my Zodiac. Somewhere around that time, my wife's hinge broke. I called up their hotline (after wasting time trudging out to the CC retail store and being told that I needed to handle it over the phone) and they shipped me out a new Treo 300. I kind of hoped that I might get a Treo 600, but I guess those were still too new and Treo 300 supplies were still plentiful. Oh well, I've got no problem with that. It seemed to be a new model, BTW, and not a refurb.

    I kept that one in the box with the plan of selling it on ebay as brand new (it's still sitting around - I'm a bit of a procrastinator), and gave my wife my used Treo 300.

    Well, yesterday my wife comes home and guess what? The hinge on this one broke as well. So I call the hotline again. This time I'm told (after the rep checks with her supervisor) that this type of problem isn't covered. I ask to talk directly with the supervisor who gives me the same line. She says that "damage" isn't covered, only "mechanical" problems. First of all, this is a mechanical problem (she disagrees, specifying that it must be "internal" mechanical damage - whatever). Furthermore, I'm pretty sure that even user-inflicted damage was covered before. Again, though, this isn't user-inflicted damage as far as I'm concerned. It's a mechanical defect whereby the hinge doesn't last more than about a year of normal opening/closing.

    I then asked to speak to her supervisor who she says won't be in until noon (not sure what time zone). She gives me her name and his name and says that he'll call me.

    So now I wait.

    Any thoughts from anyone as to how I should proceed if this guy tells me "tough luck" as well? This is absolutely ridiculous.

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    1. Read the terms of the warranty
    2. Identify the language that supports your claim (assuming the damage is covered)
    3. Read warranty to Rep/Supervisor/Manager

    If you get the same result, go to the store where the units were purchased and ask for the manager.

    If all else fails, crack open the replacement unit so your wife can get back to Treo-ing
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    Well, I spoke with the supervisor's supervisor and got everything taken care of. He still tried to tell me that it wasn't covered but that they were essentially "doing me a favor" by allowing me to replace my unit. Give me a break. Anyway, right before I hung up I mentioned to him that there was another Treo model (the 600) that didn't have a hinge, so if there was any way they could send me one of those as a replacement, that would be great. He said he'd make a note about it. doesn't hurt to try.

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    I have been waiting for my replacement Treo 300 from Circuit City since September. I called them today to check shipping status and they told me that they are shipping me a Treo 600!!! I couldn't believe my ears! I had to ask her again..."did you say Treo 600?" She said "Yes!" I was told that I will be getting the 600 in a couple of days.

    I still didn't believe so I called back again and asked if the 600 that I will be receiving is refurbed. She stated that these were not refurbed, but rather brand new.
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    September?!? Why would they just now be sending out a replacement for something that they were supposed to send out in September? Today my wife called me from her car while she tried to juggle keeping her Treo 300 in tact and probably came close to getting in an accident. They told me late last week that it should take about 5 business days (if memory serves) and we haven't gotten it yet. I'm hoping it comes in tomorrow. And, yes, I'm hoping it ends up being a Treo 600, though I'm not holding my breath on that one.

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    Next time if you have a problem with the phone just tell them the phone stops working after 5 minutes. I believe they don't even check the phones. i have used there service many times with broken hinges, everytime I tell them the fone doesn't power on. The things is they ssend a new phone out before they take your old one back. Im on my 4 replacement with broken hinge and everytime I say the unit is defective. They have a case log of how many times I did it, but we have a TOS and they have our cityadvantage warranty money.
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    Bagbklyn, good advice. I had forgotten that the first time around they sent my replacement before I had to send back the broken unit. Oh well, things turned out OK for me anyway. Today there was a package waiting for me when I got home from work. I opened up the box hoping for a Treo 600 but fully expecting a Treo 300. Xmas came early: it was a Treo 600. It's palmOne-branded and everything seemed sealed, so I'm thinking that it's brand new and not a refurb.

    I told my wife that I'd have to "test it out for her" for a few days. If I'm happy with it, I'll probably be getting a Treo 650. I was actually thinking that I'd end up getting two Treo 650's, but now I may just save some money and have her use the Treo 600. I don't think she'd get a whole lot of value from the new features that the 650 offers. But we'll see.

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    How does this replacement system work? I have a 300 that my wife uses as a PDA, but the hinge is about to go. Do they check to see if the phone is currently active with Sprint?
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    Quote Originally Posted by skfny
    How does this replacement system work? I have a 300 that my wife uses as a PDA, but the hinge is about to go. Do they check to see if the phone is currently active with Sprint?
    The replacement is handled by lockline, but the thing is, is that lockline doesn't have the ESN in there system. The reason being when circuit city sold the city advantage plan they never took down our ESN's. Technically speaking you can change the phone every month if you like. We have a warranty whihc circuit city didn't live up to. So now I milk it, once my phone falls and gets scratched or I feel like getting anew phone, I call up city advantage. They screwed us so I am returning the favor.

    Question Scoot R: Are you on the east coast or in the NY area? The reason I ask is because I want to know if it's time to send in my 300 if you know what I mean
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    Bagbklyn, I'm in Simsbury, Connecticut (Hartford county), which is northern central CT.

    BTW, I love the new toy but hate the thumbboard. The tinier thumbboard was one of the things that kept me from shelling out money to upgrade when the Treo 600 first came out. Nevertheless, I expect that I'll buy myself a Treo 650 and give let my wife have the Treo 600.

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    I'd also like your thoughts on Bklyn's question. I'm in Queens, so we'll both probably get the same response.
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    I just answered his question, didn't I? Am I missing something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott R
    I just answered his question, didn't I? Am I missing something?

    Yes indeed. I'll give it a shot. Thanks
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    Thanks Scott, one last question which is what I should have asked before. Did your return package go to ronkonkoma, NY? Don't worry you will adapt to the 600, the processor speed makes up for the keyboard. I will tell you what I do miss from the 300 was the screen protection. Be careful of pressure marks and if you bang the earpiece on the 600 it stops working, I'm on my 3rd one for this issue
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    I think the keyboard will grow on you too! They added some software to try to make sure even if you press on 2 keys you get the right one, its been perfect for me. Good luck with it!
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