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    I haven't seen this one discussed yet - the "official-unofficial" announcement made mention of the inclusion of an mp3 player with the 650. I wonder what they are talking about? Would this be something besides pTunes? I thought I saw mention of RealPlayer? Is this what they are talking about?
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    It's real player. And it better be uninstallable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Real-ity
    It's real player. And it better be uninstallable.

    if thats true...then i think we found the source of the reported sprint t650 crashes experienced by the sprint execs.

    The most F'ed up thing I ever fixed was a floppy drive that stopped working due to Realplayer.

    Oh and I hope everyone subscribes to unlimited data...we all know how RealPlayer likes to report back to their servers your every move.
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    Its funny how in every single microsoft vs realplayer battle.

    Microsoft are always the evil, uninstably, spyware ridden bad guys who try to run everything. And the other company is always the nice one everyone likes but won't risk giving up compatibility to go with them.

    However with microsoft vs realplayer??? I don't think anyone is upset realplayer is almost dead! Windows media player being the ruler is much better. Plus WMA files can easily be played on Winamp and other mp3/wma portable cd players. .rm files are horrible.

    Conclusion to this pointless post: Damn Realplayer!
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    I'm keeping my PocketTunes and using JackFlash to remove the RP POS !!!
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    I wonder if the mp3 player that comes on the 650 (RealPlayer?), will stream stations besides Shoutcast (like Live365 stations)? If so, this would be a big plus over pTunes IMO. I have never really liked the Real products - they are way too intrusive, but I sure would like to stream stations besides Shoutcast.
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    Granted Real Player is intrusive, but picture this... higher res screen, Real Plus package let's you stream sports broadcast to your computer...would it be possible to stream to the Treo 650? Being able to not miss a single game of the season no matter where I am would make it a possible use for me. The question is, is it possible?
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    Dunno... I always thought the mobile realplayer is the most basic of all the mobile mp3 players, only advantages being that it plays real files and was free?

    Am I completely wrong?

    That means advancedthings such as streaming video would be a definite no...

    I think that would be very cool though. They really need a TV tuner for a phone!
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $current$ $mobil$ $version$ $is$ $a$ $basic$ $mp3$ $player$. $But$ $would$ $it$ $be$ $that$ $much$ $of$ $a$ $stretch$ $for$ $them$ $to$ $capitalize$ $on$ $the$ $streaming$ $video$?
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