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    What do I need to do (or have ) to start a moblog community. I want to set up everything myself, but don't know where to start. Is there a place for resources on starting something like this.

    I want to do something like Textamerica, but they must have a huge amount of bandwith and space to hold all those pictures, how do they offer it for free? Advertisements?

    If anyone has experience with this, please help. Thanks.
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    I believe that textamerica provides their free services by providing commercial (corporate) moblog services (using their free accounts as branding-type advertising). I suppose you could use google ads or something similar if you're just looking to pay for the bandwidth.

    You're going to find that you'll have to start dealing with commercial licenses for software and other stuff (like bandwith) if you want to have more than three or four members too. I'm running a personal (free) version of moveabletype ( on a linux box at home and mo|blog on my Treo to drive my personal website & it works well, but it's a user-specific application.

    Good luck!
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    Cool, thanks olavf,
    I did some more investigating and it seems Textamerica has a free service AND a premium service, but no pricing anywhere on their site. I shot them an e-mail, so I should hear soon.
    I'm going to check right now.

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    Just out of curiosity, can I ask what you're specifically looking at doing? Are you looking at a generic moblog community or something specific (like a Treo community?)
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    Hey Olavf,

    yeah, exactly...something along those lines, I don't want to give away the details untill I have everything together but I did some research, and I found out that text america has a "premium account" but they do not give details...on price and specs, etc so I shot them an e-mail but haven't heard from them yet. The "premium"; I would suspect would be without ads and would allow some more customization/importing of your own website design...but I'll post as soon as I know, or if anyone else has some info, post here....thanks!
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    Still Haven't heard anything from TA...

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