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    The first flaw that I found going to a Treo was mail. My first purchase was SnapperLite and I fell in love with it. Now on a Treo 650 and Snapper Enterprise, I think it's one of the best products that I've seen. If I could figure out a way to totally delete Versa mail and save the memory, I would in a heartbeat...

    Snapper all the way!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtgmt
    i have snappper but everytime i hotsync i lose my accounts in snapper mail any ideas what im doing wrong?
    email snapper support about this.

    Quote Originally Posted by charliec
    kjohn: you make it sound like it is the app that controls this, soe that mean we sould have to wait for Snappermail folks to decide to do this - ?
    yes it is upto snapper to fix.
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    And wait and wait and wait ....thks
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    Not sure if it has been mentioned in the string (quite long, 9 pages), Snappermail does not function to its fullest if Goodlink is installed as well. The problem occurs when choosing a contact (in message), it simply doesn't allow straight-thru access to the contact folder (must be a conflict with the palm one contact prc. and the Goodlink prc. Anyhow, this does not happen with VersaMail, and for that reason alone i abandoned Snappermail (trial). If you're wondering why I have Goodlink installed it is because it is what our firm is using as an email bundle/application.
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    Hi all,
    Have all of the pro-SnapperMail tried Chatter and chosen Snapper instead? I'm just curious since Snapper doesn't have the push, why it's selected as the "premier" email app?
    So far, I have tried Versamail and had some problems where it gave me errors. The Agendus Mail, which seems okay, but now my demo is over. I have Snapper now and it's pretty good, but no push.
    I may try Chatter next, but if there are important or significant advantages of Snapper over Chatter, I would love to hear them.
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    After a day of SnapperMail and VersaMail, the conclusion is they are basically the same, so IMO it's a waste to pay for SnapperMail. They are both slow but very customizeable with decent interfaces. SnapperMail has slightly better navigation.

    Neither Chatter/Snapper/Versa have good navigation and speed. I honestly think Chatter is the best of all 3 -- despite miserable navigation -- because it is fastest and interferes the least. Plus it's cheap.

    Personally I am still waiting for Blackberry Connect for Palm OS.

    Goodlink is light years ahead of all of them (including Blackberry) but is way too expensive. With so many other solutions out there, I've got to think Goodlink will be a bright shining star that will make a ton of money then fade quickly into oblivion -- much like BB is doing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by masonuc
    After a day......
    After more than a day, the stability advantage of Snappermail becomes apparent. I thought I was home free with Versamail until accounts I deleted came back and E-mails I deleted kept reappearing. Then the resets started when checking mail. Autochecking E-mail can also be unstable. Snappermail works beautifully for me.
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    Originally Posted by mspalacios
    Does any one know if this new version of Versamail will be able to file Sent messages to an IMAP sent messages folder? Snappermail does not allow you to do that.
    Quote Originally Posted by LinuxGuy
    Yes, I saw that it has this feature. It also supports a Draft folder on the IMAP server.
    well, I have not read thru this who thread yet, but I cannot seem to get my sent mail (from my Treo) to copy themselves to the Server's Sent (or Sent Items) folder. Been hacking at this for past two days with testing different options.

    Anyone have some advice? I is important I be able to have sent emails copy to the Server's Sent (or Sent Items) folder.
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    I have posted this solution on another thread.
    The short answer is:
    Configure Versamail to BCC messages to your own account.
    Configure Versamail to not download messages sent by yourself.
    Configure an Outlook rule to automatically move messages sent by yourself to the Sent folder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brnz
    Configure Versamail to not download messages sent by yourself.
    How do I do this? Been playing around with VersaMail and couldn't find it.
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    I miss using Snappermail, but can't justify the overhead. I miss the large font for readability - I must be the only person over 45 in this forum who needs reading glasses. Snapper is much easier to use with out the stylus.
    Versa is quick and stable for me - like having the icon and number of e-mails on the splash page of the Treo. Also love the updating during hot sync, which snapper should consider. Versa quickly downloads the rest of a message or attachment, without doing a resend of the whole mail operation. I like having the e-mail accounts seperated - don't want them comingled as Snapper does.
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    To not download messages sent by yourself:
    Go into Versamail on the PDA
    Create a new Connected filter which says:
    If the <From>
    Does not Contain <your account>
    Move to <Inbox>
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    Hi all,

    I have played with Versamail that I quite liked EXCEPT for the fact that messages can't be stored on card... It kills my Treo650 RAM pretty quickly. Seeing so many of you in favor of Snapper, I decided to try it.

    BUT, it seems Snapper is not capable of downloading messages BOTH via a "regular connection" (like GPRS) and via HotSync. Am I right? Versamail does have the ability to download (let's say) most messages via hotsync (this transfer being free), and the new messages, when I'm away from my computer, via GPRS (which is being paid by the KB...).

    Can anyone confirm? If so, it'll make for a very difficult choice: use up all the RAM with Versamail OR pay a lot to download messages via Snappermail...

    (Note: I'm in Belgium, it's a GSM network with GPRS)
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    Sorry to say this, but the Treo was meant to be used with an unlimited data plan. Snappermail does not have a conduit so you are out of luck here. I really snappermail but there is also chattermail which looks really good.

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    Have a search for "reverse DUN", it enables the Treo to use Bluetooth for its internet connection, so that you could download your large messages via a cheap broadband connection.
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