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    When downloading a PRC, PDB, MP3, etc. there is an option to "Save" the download that appears before the option to send the download to the related application.

    If you decide to "Save" the download, where is it placed? And, how can/do you access it again?
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    It is saved to the app that handles that type of data. For PRC or PDB, that's the launcher. For MP3, it's your MP3 player app, etc. (It's the app that runs when you click "Open")

    To access it again, go to that app. For instance, for PRC, run the launcher to see the app.
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    The 2-step process influenced me to believe that the "saving" was a separate step from the "install"

    I guess I will try to "save" but not "install" and see what happens.

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