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    Tired of waiting for the 650? Stay cool...
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    we need more people like this to keep our mobile providers on edge.
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    I'm glad he repented. He apparently said "I gotta change my ways a little bit."

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverado
    "I gotta change my ways a little bit."
    lol, yeah... as in "dang... next time maybe I shouldn't give the rep my name and number before I rip the store apart"
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    He had a clean record before the incident, and three more disorderlies after. In our legal system, I think he'd stand a good chance of winning a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Verizon, claiming that their poor phone service is what drove him to such acts.
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    It wasn't me!!!!!
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    he meant to just throw his phone against the wall, but he accidentally hit a worker in the shoulder - so he kept on going?

    that's... wierd

    anyone know about the criminal mind? what's that all about?
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    Note to VZW:

    Release the T650 next week, or I will have no choice but to release more of my "mutant cell phone store destroying mutants" in your stores!

    <insert evil laugh here>

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