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    Given that it's a pretty safe bet that this is the chipset for the 650:

    what can we expect with A-GPS (from those who have used it) and when? Who all currently offers it?
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    I think whether to make A-GPS available is a carrier-based decision. There might be some kind of hack to get into it, but no developer has been able to do it. For instance, the Treo 600 had A-GPS (at least on Sprint), but there wasn't much that can be expected from it, unless you count possibly saving your life -- and who really cares about that?
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    I think AT&T wireless announced they would either start offering or are offering it - can anyone confirm that?

    Is A-GPS roughly comprable to standard GPS? Sure would be nice to have GPS like features without having to buy & insert another gadet and memory intensive maps.
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