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    My Treo shows 6 of 23 MB available. Goodlink consumes a lot. I have removed games to an SD card.

    Is 6 "enough" for stable operations?

    I was curious what strategies people are using for freeing up RAM - buy a launcher and move other apps to a card is one I think.

    There are lots of files listed in Filez and in the Info view of the apps listing - has anyone identified any we can blow away safely if any?

    For example, I noticed one called "Old Graffiti 2 Lib" this required?

    Of course removing files is liely not a great idea but curious if people have messed with it...
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    I have 4 megs free with no issues. I have about 6Mgs of programs on my SD card and run them via Powerrun without any issues.
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    i am frequently around 1 with no problems
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    I had around 2-3MB with no problems. Since I recently purchased a 1GB card, I moved most of my larger apps over. Now I have about 15MB. I performed a hard reset and deleted all the files on my backup and archive folders on my laptop. After I hot-synced my data back (no additional apps), I noticed tons of orphan files missing. Also, my unit runs a lot faster now.

    I took a posters advice and the first two apps I installed after a clean hard reset were Uninstall Manager and Cleanup. This will ensure no orphan files will be left behind.

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