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    nothing new ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoDeJaneiro
    So does that make the entire Smartphone market niche??
    This is actually the Communicator market niche (Treo 6xx + Pocket PC phones + Nokia 9300/9500). M$ and Symbian Smartphones don't have keyboards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoDeJaneiro
    So does that make the entire Smartphone market niche??
    Actually - yes.

    Studies (related on infosyncworld?) have shown that the rank-n-file cellphone user is interested in talking, text messaging, email, calendar, organizer (nee address book), picture taking/sending, and web surfing and that's about it.

    Don't need ANY 'smartphone" to do that - the ones distributed free (or for $50) by all the carriers would pretty much suffice.

    That means anything more - money or computing power - qualifies as "niche".

    That's not a commentary on what is GOOD or BAD, merely what is generally desired and what is not.

    In general, a $650 cellphone is not desired.
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    Agreed... a $650 cell is nowhere near the median for cell phone prices. So in that sense, niche fits well.

    But with the increasing popularity of Smartphones, I think they are moving out of that 'niche' segment overall.

    And yes... while a $50 phone can do those things, it cannot do many of them without a great deal of hassle/frustration.
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    I guess there is some debate what the "smart" in "smartphone" really means - I've seen definitions all over the place.

    If we say that "smart" means "totally-programmable" then, IMHO, "niche" very much applies to "smartphone".

    Note that ALL of the usually-desired features mentioned above can be done on fairly NONsmart phones - my ancient Nokia, for example, can do email/text as well as calendar, albeit it's really a braindamaged calendar and the organizer is the pits. Juice it up JUST a little, though, and it can do all but surf and pictures.

    It's an ancient phone - maybe more than 5 years old.

    Maybe a lot more.
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