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    Searched and could not find - maybe user error. I would love to know which sites people really find useful. I have been looking for a good driving directions one.

    Do people use wap sites primarily - I find most sites too slow on Blazer so prefer the slimmed down WAP ones.

    Even better - a site with all of the best ones linked - I know there are some out there but lots of clutter and not the best of collection

    I use:

    Yahoo WAP portal - email, news, stocks but sucks for driving directions

    Google search

    Would love fast sites for :

    FLight status
    Driving directions - from address to an address
    Ebay - could not find a decent interface
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    Try this out, this was listed on an earlier thread
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    For directions check out Mapquest's mobile link at
    Mapquest provides driving directions but not a graphic map. Even so, I have found it invaluable (since I have the habit of printing out directions and then leaving them at home or work).

    I have not used any sites for travel or flight status, but Small Sites has a section for travel sites that may provide the info you are looking for at

    Hope this helps!

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