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    hey everyone. this is my first post. WOO!

    anyway, with the consensus pretty much being no cobalt in 650 and most likely no wifi, what do people think about the next few months and phone options?

    i have a crappy phone right now and have been waiting for a phone/organizer with keyboard and bluetooth, etc. the 650 seems perfect, but what happens if in 3 months a slew of 5 new phones like it but better come out? do people think buying a treo 650 is the best way to go?

    i've already been waiting a few months. what do people think i should do?

    also, what about expandable memory for the 650 and possible future cobalt support?
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    and I'm your first Reply...

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    I have been waiting since the Treo 600 came out to be able to get Bluetooth. I doubt that they will release another phone in the near future that would canabalize the 650. Better jump in with the 650 or you could be waiting forever for the perfect phone.
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    Sorry couldn't resit. I would buy this baby right away. I don't think there will be any other phone any time soon that will beat the Treo 650. For WiFi, I hope the WiFi SD card works on the Treo 650. Then everything would be just PERFECT.

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    Go for it-you'll wonder how you ever went through life without one!
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    I'm kinda in the same situation. I'd like to have Wifi for the money but I don't really use it now, so its not a deal-killer for me. If what you want is a phone/pda with a full keyboard and bluetooth, the Treo is the way to go. Other things that will be coming out soon will not necesarily be better, just have different advantages/disadvantages.

    For instance, the Motorola MPX should be nice, but if they get the ROM and processor fixed from the engineering sample, its going to be a $900-1000 device, similar to the Sony Ericsson P900. The SE P910 has a keyboard, but its barely useable, you are better off getting a P900, but it doesn't have a keyboard and runs Symbian UIQ. The iMates of the world are big, but if you are down with PPC (ick!) then that is a consideration. The HP6315 is crap, avoid it. The BenQ P50 looks hot, but its delayed until who knows when. We don't know if it will be as full-featured at production time as it appears to be in R&D. The Nokia 6630 is going to be a nice device, but it runs Symbian Series 60 and has a conventional phone keypad.

    The important thing is to find what works for you. For me, all my PDA's have been PalmOS and both of the smartphones have been Palm-based. I find getting a PPC device unpalatable so I am looking at the Treo and the Nokia for my needs. Something better ALWAYS comes out a few months later. That is why it important to weigh what is important to you then go that direction and stick with it.

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