There seems to be discussion of the memory issue in a number of threads so I wanted to start a thread dedicated soley to the issue of how much memory and what type of memory the Treo 650 will have.

It seems to be well established that the 650 will have at least 32mb of non-volatile memory that will prevent data loss even after the battery runs out.

However, it is still unknown if there will be 32mb or 64mn of non-volatile ram or maybe even 32mb of non-volatile and 32 mb of regular ram.

The article at about the "Four New Exclusive Pictures of the Treo 650" mentions double the memory from the previous Treo but says that fact still needs to be confirmed.

Aside from that article, all other evidence I have seen, including pictures of the Treo 650 showing 20mn of useable ram, leads me to believe there will only be 32 mb of total ram. This would be extremely disappointing as more ram is probably my number 1 priortity for upgrading to the 650.

Does anyone have any other inside info about how much memory the Treo 650 will have?