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    I don't feel like buying another corporate-limited phone (with camera).
    as a gsm user, do I have any chance for a cameraless version of the 650 (not sprint/verizon).
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    My thoughts are that pa1mOne is going to release both GSM and CDMA camera and camera-less versions. Along with the still available CDMA Treo 600 with or with out the camera and the GSM, that is "seven" Treos. Thus the "family" of Treos we have heard touted about.
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    Most of us think that the Treo 650 is more of an upgraded 600 than a true "step up". With EV-DO rollouts in process from Sprint and Verizon, and with Pocket PC phones already appearing on the market with more features than the 650, we are all hoping that the 650's big brother will be released in the first half of 2005, not the second half.
    Hell, there are supposedly Cobalt phones in other manufacturers' pipelines for release later THIS year. Why not from P1?

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