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    Wellll, I have to admit that I love everything I'm hearing about the 650 - minus the no Wi-Fi. I'm trying to figure out the pros and cons of getting it as opposed to a handheld with Wi-Fi.

    I have the Samsung a680 now which I'm rather fond of so I don't *need* another phone (as if needing one has anything to do with it...).

    Anyway! Since I have a data plan, I could get online anywhere I have sprint service, with the 650 - as opposed to having to find a Wi-Fi spot with my handheld. But a handheld would be cheaper and my cell phone wouldn't magnify in size if I stuck with the 680.

    I guess I'm trying to find a way to justify spending the 600 bucks on a treo 650 when I already have a nice phone. Of course, carrying only one device is nice...but for $650, I could get one hell of a nice handheld. Any and all input is very much appreciated.

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    No Wi-Fi in leaked information. Maybe an addon, but we won't know for a while, Sir.
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    Kind Sir, also conduct a search on this site for more details about the speculation surrounding the Wi-Fi function
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    I've been lurking for quite a while - I shouldn't assume that it doesn't have Wi-Fi, really; I suppose that was "worst case scenario" fear which would make this a real decision for me. Hell, if the 650 has Wi-Fi, I only then have to decide how to tell the Mrs. that I'm getting another phone.

    Thank you for the responses.
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    Ti I am with you, but it looks like it won't have wifi, so you and me don't have to bother the wife asking for a new toy lol.
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    If you need wifi, try ebay. I got a great tungsten c for $200 and its grat
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    I picked up a Tungsten C once I found out the 650 didn't have it "built in" no stick for me. The TC is great, big screen, high res, keyboard and great battery.
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