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    I bought the case from the Treo store, leather with a clip. I hated it. I dont like the plastic covering the screen, and definetly dont like it covering the entire keypad and buttons.

    Basically Im looking just for a clip I guess. I dont want things covering my beautiful screen or keyboard, and dont really want anything to make it bulkier. I just want to be able to clip the badboy to my pocket/waist.

    Anything out there? - all your tshirt needs !
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    I personally use the Bellagio Designs Cell Phone Style case, which doesn't cover the keyboard or screen at all. Others that might fit your needs are the Vaja i-Volution (very expensive, but well made) and Sena Cases Treo 600 Case.

    You can view a listing of cases available for the Treo 600 here at TreoBits.
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    I use the Proclip holster and love it. It is for sale at the Treo store.
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    I use the Piel Frama case, which is expensive, but it looks high class and fits perfect. Neither the keyboard nor the screen are covered.
    I bought mine on eBay, which kept the price down.
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    Finding the right case was real important to me. I wanted a belt clip, but I hated all those plastic swivel clips. It takes me about a day to break them and I didn't want any plastic phone condom cover either.
    The Krusell S-Wide case has been perfect so far (3 months). It has a mounted hard plastic belt clip and LEATHER BELT LOOPS (NICE). The belt loops are the key for me. I payed less than $30. for the case including shipping.
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    After trying a few different cases I tried the Seidio swivel clip holster. The Treo rides "naked" and face down in the holster, and is about as "low profile" as it can get get.
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    I use the Bellagio Designs Cell Phone Style case without belt clip. It fits very well, and balances pretection with easy access to phone features. I am quite pleased with it.
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    I would recommend the Vaja i-Volution. It is expensive but worth the money. It does not cover the keyboard or screen, does not add too much bulk, is very well made, and looks great.

    Vaja Cases
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    I recommend the Covertec horizontal case. I've been very please with it's function and quality.
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    wow nice - thanks for all the great case ideas!

    now I gotta sift thru all these and choose one

    BTW those Vaja cases, wow!, but the price is too much for me - all your tshirt needs !
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    My old cell phone was a nokia 6360. at&t sold a belt clip side case for the phone with velcro under the flap that closes over it. it is bigger in length then my treo but the phone really slides in nicely. also, the velcro does not pop open if the leather case somehow falls from your hand.

    again, sure it is not what you want but for myself, I do not like things that go veritcal, perfer one that is horizonal and goes with the lines of my belt. personal taste I guess.
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    Hi I use the Nutshell case. It is in beautiful leather (can choose colour) and clips to the belt. Hardly know it is there. It also has a metal ring so you can attach it if needed. Great buy. I previously had one for my T180 too.

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