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    I've got a user who just purchased a Trio 600. It's a great unit and synchronizes everything well with Outlook, hower it does not Sync email that were sent from the Trio or deleted from the Trio. It also doesn't synchronize the changes on the Outlook side either

    Whats the best software app for this?

    The Outlook client is utilizing an Exchange server.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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    Anyone? Did I post this in the wrong forum?
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    u didnt post in the wrong forum, but communication would of probably been a better choice.

    what email client is being used on the TREO? You would need an IMAP client that supports upload to sent to do what you want. I'm not familliar with all palm email apps, so I dont know what current program will do what you are looking for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ForceFedC5
    Whats the best software app for this?
    Try Chatter.

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