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    I bought the 512MB Kingston for $40 link for current deal here but I don't know the card speed. I grabbed the cardspeed app and it indicated the speed is "very poor" but my card is currently filled to capacity with mp3s. Read8KB: 689852 bytes/sec.

    Would it test faster if it were blank ? (don't want to spend the 30 minutes transferring files out and back in to find out if you guys already know).

    How do I tell the actual rated speed of the card ? Kingston's site for SD cards has nothing specific on it, unless I'm missing something. I primarily care about the read speed, not write.
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    ^ I'm about to buy another one for the current price of $28 shipped... but I would like to know about the speeds.. is this something suitable for watching movies ? I plan on doing that instead of just mp3s...

    And again, read speed is more important, am I wrong ?
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    You can use VFS CardSpeed and VFSMark

    Also check out SD Card Benchmark Results
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    Does it test faster if it's blank ?

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